Posted by: hevallo | March 4, 2011

>More AKP Psychological Warfare Against Kurdish Councils!

>Psychological warfare attacks on Kurdish Councils not new! Here is a post from Hevallo from 2008! Then it was DTP that Erdogan banned! Now it’s BDP!

There seems to be a pattern emerging from the lies coming from AKP and the Prime Minister of how Kurdish Councils and Kurdish Mayors have somehow failed the Kurdish people in Kurdistan.

This is a calculated lie designed to somehow boost their image.

The Kurdish people know what the Kurdish mayors have done for their towns.

The one Mayor I know more than most is Mukaddes Kubilay and I would challenge Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan to go to Dogubayazit and see the work that Mukaddes has done in Dogubayazit for the Kurdish people and he would weep.

Because it would not be possible for anyone to do more.

She has done more for that city than all of the previous mayors put together before her. In her last eight years of Mayorship she has worked 24 hours a day for the Kurdish people.

She opened her doors for long queues of people who come to her for advise on everything from poverty to domestic violence. She has an ear for everyone and a very large tea bill.

The Kurdish Mayor, Mukaddes Kubilay when she came to office realised that Dogubayazit did not even have a proper sewage system and set about installing one.

She has inspired her council workforce by leading from the front battling for more funds that have been held back from central government to the Kurdish councils. Not settling for that she has gone to other sources and travelled to European countries to attract investment.

She has successfully attracted investment in social projects including a full 5 story fully equipped women’s hospital donated by Italian councils, government departments and NGO’s.

She has also been successful in bringing fresh water to neighbouring villages that has been cut off from the mains supply.

She has began cultural projects designed to encourage and promote local Kurdish customs in dance and music.

She has initiated projects for the building of new play parks for children.

She now organises an annual, internationally acclaimed Kurdish cultural festival in Dogubayazit.

She has began an ambitious programme of road building including repairing the road leading up to the tomb of Ehmede Xani and other key roads in Dogubayazit.

She set up projects to support women who had lost their husbands or who had suffered domestic violence such as a women’s collective restaurant and carpet weaving charity.

She has successfully applied to European Funding streams securing monies for all sorts of other building and infrastructure projects.

She has also developed the tourism industry to Dogubayazit with involvement in a number of development projects.

She began a tree planting project to try to reforest the area from the trees burnt down by the Turkish army.

She has done all this and more while she had to battle with the religious elements in the area, such as AKP, who thought that a woman could not do any of these things.

She has done all of these things and more while she had to battle with the Turkish central government who starved her of central funds.

She has done all of these things and more while she had to deal with political events and killings of her citizens such as most recently, Ahmet Ozkan above. Not to mention the personal assassination attempts on her own life and worries for her family.

Before she came into office, no one was even allowed to ring on the door of the Turkish party mayor. These mayors would be aloof and elitist and involved with corruption.

But the Kurdish Mayors have battled with so many problems and have sacrificed their own personal ambitions and aspirations to serve the Kurdish people and advance the Kurdish areas economically and politically.

And in this they have succeeded despite the Turkish Governments opposition.

It is because they have been so principled, so hard working and honest that the AKP party are worried and stoop to such low, shameful and disgusting tactics and smears.


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