Posted by: hevallo | March 4, 2011

>Turkey’s Prime Minister is Ranting like a Racist Skinhead!


It is sad to see the office of Prime Minister being shamed in such a way!

When the future of millions of people’s are dependent upon the sensitive, diplomatic and skilled leadership of a true statesman all we have in Tayyip Erdogan is a street thug whose political beginnings in the MHP are coming out for all to see!
The Kurdish Question in Turkey demands a leader with the vision and political experience to be able to steer a calm and steady course through to a peaceful and political settlement and be able to reconcile those elements in society that seek justice. But the latest rantings of the ‘so called’ Prime Minister of Turkey are very different to his supposed support for those fighting oppression and for justice in the Arab world and the Turks rights to speak their mother tongue in Germany.
When it comes to the Kurds all he has is racist sterotyping, labelling, criminalisation, lies and hatred!
Hevallo knows this as I have visited some of these councils and frankly, am in awe at the dedication at which the Kurdish mayoralships serve their people, especially considering that the central government in Ankara starve the Kurdish councils from funds and a lot has to be done from self help and attainment. Never mind the constant harrasment from the security forces.
So, Erdogan’s rants on the BDP are blatant out and out lies motivated by political opportunism!
And at this stage of the Kurdish issue to go back to the tired old mantra of ‘terror’ and ‘terrorism’ defies belief, as hopes were raised that Turkish people generally were finally beginning to be told the truth about the Turkish state’s, depth of crimes against the Kurdish people and the whole sorry episode is being uncovered in the mass graves of Kurds being unearthed.
A lot more has to be done but we were seeing encouraging movement!
This time demands sensitivity, not the rantings of a racist skinhead in a distasteful pin stripe suit intent on provoking the whole conflict to ignite again!
One thing that Erdogan’s rantings have done is expose the AKP for what it really is, insincere to the Kurds!
If they can so easily risk going back years as a consequence of this latest rant of their prime minister then they offer nothing to the people of Kurdistan or Kurds living in Turkish cities such as Istanbul or Izmir.
The Kurdish people will continue to build their own autonomy within the borders of Turkey.
And if the Turkish state continues to ‘criminalise’ their struggle for rights and justice then they will continue to rely on their own protectors, the PKK!
But the Kurdish Movement is not just the PKK nor the BDP but much bigger than anyone truly understands.
One thing is clear!
That the Kurdish people are at their strongest they have ever been in their history and will not let a racist skinhead like Erdogan deny them their freedom and justice!
Either step up, smell the coffee and decriminalise the Kurdish Freedom Movement or step aside and let’s wait for a true statesman that can finally solve the Kurdish Question in Turkey and allow all to retain their dignity and build a better future for all in Turkey and Kurdistan!
MHP and AKP both racist to Kurds!
What we have seen from Tayyip Erdogan’s rantings against the Kurdish Freedom Movement is the real Erdogan, not the democrat he pretends to be, but the real wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Leyla Zana’s famous quote comparing Kurdish people to fire comes to my mind. She said, “Kurdish people are like a fire, treat them well and they will warm you but mistreat and disrespect them and you will burn!”

Well, the Newroz fire is now being prepared!

Mr President, is it going to warm you or burn you?

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