Posted by: hevallo | March 20, 2011

>Abdullah Ocalan and PKK Gives Turkey One Last Chance to Solve Kurdish Question.


Abdullah Ocalan has given Turkey one last chance!

“2011 is Time for a Political Solution to The Kurdish Question
or it is Full Scale War!”

Read full message from last Friday visit to Imrali Island Prison here. (In Turkish)


Diyarbakir (See more photos here.)
All of the Turkish State Psychological warfare in the run up to Newroz was again shown to be just that, with it’s dire warnings of ‘terror’ and such nonsense, the Kurdish Freedom Movement showed impeccable discipline and responsibility by conducting Newroz 2011 in a peaceful atmosphere of celebration, despite mobilising millions of people all over Kurdistan and cities in Turkey onto the streets!
And this despite reports of provocations from police and army who attacked some participants.
But warning Turkey that if there is not a solution to The Kurdish Question in 2011, then there will be no longer any choice but for the renewal of the armed struggle as all offers, political efforts and ceasefires will of been ignored!
The AKP is more interested in lies, psycho lies, provocations and misinformation at the moment in a desperate attempt to divide the Kurds before the election.
But today proved that anything they do, only makes the Kurdish Freedom Movement stronger and come the General Election of 12th June they will be thrown out of Kurdistan as the Democratic Autonomy Project of Abdullah Ocalan, PKK and the BDP gains weight and ownership by the Kurdish people.
Ahmet Turk “The 12th June General Elections Are Very Important to us!”


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