Posted by: hevallo | March 20, 2011

>Turkey Detains Kurdish Activists at Newroz for Ibrahim Tatlises Shooting!


Turkey’s Psychological War and Black Operations and Provocations Continue!

Everyone remembers the ‘Flag’ incident don’t we!

In 2006 I was in Kurdistan and there had been the most successful Newroz for years.

Millions of Kurdish people had come out on to the streets to demand political rights and they had been peaceful in a massive show of strength with the amazing discipline of the Kurdish Freedom Movement.

It was really impressive.

I remember wanting to watch the Turkish news that night, I was happy and was sure the Turkish state must respond with positivity and hope.

We clicked on the TV and all over the headlines was pictures of this little boy in Mardin hitting a flag on the pavement with a Turkish policeman coming over and telling him off.

This blew up into the most almighty national political crisis with the Security Council meeting and issuing statements about ‘these people’ who disrespect our flag etc etc!

You could not believe it unless you saw it. It had been set up by the psychological warfare department.

This was the Turkish state’s dismal response to the millions of Kurdish people who demonstrated peacefully for change.

Well, today, they have done it again BDP Detained for Tatlises Shooting!
This is ultimate in Turkish Black Propaganda and Provocations against the Kurdish Freedom Movement.
This was crystal clear in it’s intent right from the very beginning of the whole Sivan Perwer incident when the Turkish State began to make overtures to Sivan to appear, first on TRT 6, and then to come to Turkey.
They knew that he would be tempted and was used in the psychological warfare trap set by the AKP and Turkish Generals. Ibrahim was also part of the whole ‘Kurdish Singers’ plot and was supposed to die and it was supposed to cause divisions within the Kurdish Freedom Movement before the General Election. As in the last local elections AKP will try anything to gain votes!

It is obvious and depressingly familar!
The Kurdish Freedom Movement has reached it’s glorious plateau of popularity and is at it’s strongest it has ever been in it’s history!
We have reached Kurdish Question SOLUTION TIME!
The AKP and Turkish Generals have nowhere left to go but to accept the demands of the Kurdish Freedom Movement which because of their deep racist hatred of the Kurds they simply cannot do!
So they respond in the only way they know how!
The Kurds know very well these psychological warfare games and will be considering their response.
As with the ‘Flag’ incident it is designed to take away from the peaceful efforts of the Kurdish Movement and ironically label it with criminality!
I cannot see any shred of sincerity on the part of the AKP and Erdogan to solve the Kurdish issue and now see us entering a period of continued conflict!
Which of course the Kurdish side, as always is more than ready for, but does Turkey really want to give up it’s dreams of economic prosperity and Ottoman fantasies?
These questions burn more ferociously now than the thousands of Newroz fires burning in Kurdistan today!

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