Posted by: hevallo | March 23, 2011

>Turkey Opens Hunting Season Against Kurds!

After the resounding success of the Newroz 2011 organized by BDP, Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minister has initiated a fully fledged ‘Hunting Season’ against the Kurdish Freedom Movement!

Frustrated and enraged with their inability to ‘criminalize the Kurdish struggle, the AKP have taken off the gloves and are employing tactics that we have seen used by Turkish military intelligence in the past to attempt to criminalize the legitimate demands of the Kurds in Turkey for basic rights!

AKP’s plan is a full frontal attack using every dirty and dishonest trick and ploy!

The Turkish security forces attacked, brutally with batons and gas, a march that took place on Newroz to promote a peaceful and negotiated end to The Kurdish Question in Turkey. Children, Elderly and all sorts of people were set upon by the Turkish police who hit out indiscriminately! The Kurdish MP who was on the march was enraged and sought out the senior officer responsible for the police, with whom she vented her anger at this state violence against ordinary civilians!

For this, she has become enemy number one and the Turkish prime minister is calling for her to be charged!

Consider this, the representative of an oppressed group that is being gassed and struck with batons is the one who faces charges because she protested against such treatment!

This is Psychological War and can only be understood as such! Mind games, designed in government handbooks with the help of international security agencies to confuse and weaken government opposition groups!

Compare calls for the prosecution of Sebahat Tuncel, the Kurdish MP involved, with the case of Turkish police who fired 12 bullets into the back of a 12 year old Kurdish boy in broad daylight but were cleared of any wrong doing by Turkey’s supreme court!

At a time when the Kurdish side have been leading peace initiatives and calls for peace the Turkish side have declared all out war!

The case of Ibrahim Tatlises make clear what the state’s attitude is! Deep state assassinations and attempted assassinations are legendary as a method of disrupting events and the attempted killing of Turkey’s most famous singer, a Kurd, Ibrahim Tatlises, follows a classic Deep state template! With elections approaching and the Kurdish Freedom Movement at it’s strongest the Turkish State is stuck with nowhere to go!

The Kurds have the political and moral higher ground presenting peace initiatives, ceasefires, proposals for solutions and actual solutions for greater autonomy for the Kurdish inhabited area of Turkey, where the Kurds call NW Kurdistan!

But the AKP continue to praise the Palestinians but brutally suppress the Kurds! They offer solutions to other countries problems but ignore their own Kurdish issue! They help foreign newspapers to free their journalists in Libya but continue to jail journalists in Turkey!

They are using psychological warfare on the international stage to divert attention from the Kurdish issue while using psychological warfare to suppress the Kurds!

The Ibrahim Tatlises case came when warnings were being made about an expected provocation and sure enough it happened!

Now arrests have been made of BDP political activists and alleged PKK members with the blame for Tatlises shooting being laid at the door of the Kurdish Freedom Movement! This is the states response and contribution to a settlement! A planned execution of a Kurdish singer and planned move to implicate the Kurdish opposition who face beating the government party, again, in the region inhabited by Kurds, at the upcoming general election!

I am breathless and staggered at the audacity and sheer brazen shamelessness of such a political crime that I wonder how Turkey is going to solve this mess!

My only hope is the continuing awareness of such tactics in the country’s media and hope that these latest political crimes by deep state forces will be exposed soon, so as not do threaten any serious long term damage to the possible solution that we all dream of!

In the meantime, it is critical for all who can, to continue to expose the real face of Turkey and her dark forces so that democracy may one day be a feature of Turkish society that can sincerely and genuinely be held up as an example for the Arab world!


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