Posted by: hevallo | March 28, 2011

>Direct Appeal/Challenge to Social Media Experts. Please Help Break Through Media Silence on Kurdish Protests in Turkey.


We are entering Day 4 of the Mass Civil Disobedience Campaign of the Kurdish Movement in Turkey and there is almost blanket media silence in the media with the Financial Times even ignoring the protests in a report of Turkish Prime Minister Urging Reforms in Syria!
Hundreds of thousands of Kurdish people have been taking to the streets and some of the reports I have tried to gather below, there are hundreds more taking place all over Kurdistan and Turkey and is receiving some media coverage in Turkey but is being totally ignored apart from an Al Jazeera report of today and an AP report of yesterday!
The protests are continuous and escalating!
Please could I ask for support in trying to break through the Media Silence by even the odd Retweet on Twitter!

Thank you!

Just one of the demos today in Turkish Prime Ministers Constiuency protesting about the silence of Kurdish Mass Graves being uncovered in Turkey. The first mass grave was uncovered in the Prime Minister’s constiuency of Siirt!



  1. >I wish you luck in your peaceful protest.

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