Posted by: hevallo | March 28, 2011

>Over 70,000 Kurds March to Demand Justice for Kurdish Mass Graves!


The Kurdish people have been waiting 20 years for the Mass Grave at Siirt, home to Tayyip Erdogan’s constinuency, to be fully officially opened investigated and perpetrators charged.

Already over 100 bodies have been exhumed over the past 20 years but silence has surrounded the details and a full investigation has yet to be opened by the Turkish authorities.

Tens of thousands of people marched today to demand the grave is officially opened in accordance with legal procedures covering the unearthing of mass graves. (more pictures)
DTK’s co chairs, Ahmet Turk and Aysel Tugluk with BDP co chair Selahattin Demirtas, Kurdish Mayors, the BDP MPs Sebahat Tuncel, Hasip Kaplan, Pervin Buldan, Osman Ozcelik , DYG, DÖKH, YAKAY-DER, the Peace Mothers Initiative, TUHADDER, TUHADFED, Migration-Der, IHD, KESK and DISK managers, intellectuals and writers all took part.

The unearthing of Mass Graves in Prime Minister’s constinuency exposes the AKP who try to portray Turkey as a role model for Egypt and other countries emerging from revolutionary change.

Emma Sinclair Webb of the U.S.-based Human Rights Watch says the disappearances were part of a state policy to terrorize the local civilian population.

“In the early 90’s there was a policy of rounding of hundreds and thousands of civilians, and giving no proper trial or judicial process, but rather taking them in, threatening them, torturing them. There was systematic torture throughout that period, and a lot of others simply were not heard of again and in that region thousands disappeared or bodies were found too at the time, but not identified and there was no attempt to discover how the killings took place and who by. So there is massive legacy and impunity. For the past abuses, for the disappearances and killings,”

There are thought to be over 88 Mass Kurdish Graves in Turkey holding over 1500 people.


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