Posted by: hevallo | March 28, 2011

>The Kurdish Mayor who Reclaimed instruments of Suppression!


This is the moment that will go down in history with the slap in the face of a Turkish police Captain by Sebahat Tuncel MP.

Osman Baydemir Climbs onto a Turkish police Armoured Tank, proclaiming, “This is our tank, the council pays for this tank like it pays for other council utilities!”
“Our quarrel is not with the police, our quarrel is with Ankara, we want a solution!”


  1. >How can you compare the two incidents? On one hand, you have Osman saying that the police are not the enemy. He is acting in the spirit of civil disobedience and acting in a very respectful and civil way, as one would expect from a political leader. On the other hand, you have Sebahat slapping a police officer, showing us that the police ARE the enemy, and talking in a rude manner like an uneducated street tough (surely you watched the video and heard her words). When the police act hostile toward Osman, he sits down and acts peacefully. When the police attempt to speak to Sebahat, she slaps the office (a Kurd) and yells like crazy and speaks rudely over and over. It makes no sense to compare the two incidents at all, especially given that the completely contradict one another!

  2. >I suppose the difference is that Sebahat had been on the demo that had come under attack by police with gas and high pressurised water, her clothes were wet if you noticed and the police all had gas masks on. Peaceful protestors were attacked with batons, gas and high pressurised water. I would expect someone, especially if that person represented the Kurds to by angry. I was really inspired by her bravery in the face of such massive state repressive aparatus. It is the two sides of civil disobedience, the Martin Luther King of Baydemir and the Malcolm X of Sebahat.

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