Posted by: hevallo | March 28, 2011

>The Kurds are Erecting ‘Democratic Solution’ Tents, inspired by Tahrir Square!


The Kurdish Civil Disobedience Campaign initiated directly after Newroz 2011 is continuing and spreading to all cities and towns in Turkey and Kurdistan.

Many different protests are being intiated, with differing responses from the state.

In Cizre (above) last night the police attacked young people gathering for a civil disobedience protest in the town centre with gas cannisters and high pressurised water cannon.

In every location the Kurds are trying to establish ‘Democratic Solution Tents’ as centres for the Disobedience Campaign. This was instruced by the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan after the success of the tents in Tahrir Square. This (below left) is Gever.

However the Kurdish ‘Democratic Solution’ tents are meeting suppression from the state with many being taken down or attacked, again as in Cizre when the police fired gas cannisters into the tent that was full of elderly women and children. In Mardin, the police response has been brutal. At 0400am this morning over 300 masked police entered the Kiziltepe tent and began to beat people with rifles and fists. Many were dragged away and detained! In Nusaybin police attacked with gas bombs and high pressurised water cannon.

Above (Top video) is the latest tent to be established in Taksim Square in Istanbul. You can see the poles of the tent being firmly held onto in an attempt to keep them there.

It reminds me of a story of when the Kurdish refugees from Mardin whose villages had been destroyed came to Kaddifikale in Izmir.

They built bread ovens as they had in Mardin and the Turkish police came and smashed them down. So they built them again. Again the police came and smashed the down.
Again they built them. After a while the Police got worn down and the collective bread ovens stand proud in Kaddifikale to this day dotted all around the district.

The establishment of the ‘Democratic Solution Tents’ is proving to be a struggle too, but one I am confident the Kurdish people will be victorious!

Kurdish shopkeepers are labelling their produce in Kurdish as part of the Mass Civil Disobedience Campaign. The letters Q, X and W are banned in Turkey and many people have been to court for publishing them.
And here, I’m not sure of where this is but outside a Kurdish council is a Dengubas, Kurdish Cultural Songs Protest!
And a general round up of protests yesterday can be found in Turkish here.

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