Posted by: hevallo | March 30, 2011

>Erdogan, Barzani and Assad join forces against the Kurds!

Hours after Erdogan meets with Massoud Barzani, the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government and officially opened Erbil airport Turkish war planes started bombing the Qandil Mountains and areas in Sirnak. Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki joined in astonishingly calling the PKK ‘terrorists’ as bad as Al Qaida that must be dealt with!

The PKK are the National Liberation Movement of the Kurds in Turkey and enjoy massive and popular support. If you attack them you are attacking the Kurds in Turkey!

This is the first military strikes targeting the Kurdish Freedom Fighters that has taken place this year and there had been hope that the Turkish side were holding back in the hope of peace talks and a negotiated settlement to The Kurdish Question in Turkey.
But it seems that Prime Minister Erdogan is losing his psychological war and now has reverted to full scale military attacks on the Kurds again.This coupled with reports from HPG intelligence sources that the Turkish army seem to be positioning themselves for an all out military attack are worrisome to say the least.
12 activists, including the chair of the branch in Kiziltepe were taken into custody today after Turkish police came into the ‘Democratic Autonomy Tents, that the Kurdish party, BDP have erected inspired by Tahrir Square.
In the towns of Nusaybin and Cizre the Turkish police and army have responded to the protests with naked aggression. Gas and water cannon being used against unarmed protesters.
The Turkish military is worried that the Kurds along the border will make common cause with the Kurds in NE Syria and Assad and Erdogan are in close cooperation on a daily basis.
All this under the silence of the international media and community!
Already marchers have left from different points around Turkey and Kurdistan to meet up at Amara on 4th April, the town and date of birth of the Kurdish leader, Abdullah Ocalan.
I wonder to myself what the Kurdish people have learnt from this experiment in non violent civil disobedience? The way of Martin Luther King.
Maybe, soon, many will be thinking that Malcolm X had it right with the phrase,
“Self Defence is No Offence!”
That day may be coming soon!

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