Posted by: hevallo | March 31, 2011

>A letter to The Guardian that was unpublished from top human rights lawyer as silence on Kurds in Turkey continues.


Monday 28th March 2011

Dear Sir,

Is it not a paradox that Turkey is now heralded as the Regional Peace Mediator not, only for Libya, but for the whole Middle East? (Turkey offers to broker Libya Ceasefire, Monday, 28th March). No wonder Turkey had misgivings about the Nato intiative in Lbya since it is conducting its own cultural (and partially physical) genocide against its Kurdish citizens. refuses them their democratic rights and liberties; prohibits them from using their own language. and has ignored nine ceasefires declared by the PKK and the imprisoned Kurdish leader, Abdullah Ocalan.

Or perhaps, in taking on this key role to bring about a peaceful solution in Libya, can we hope that Prime Minister Erdogan will be finally moved to address the conflict in his own backyard, release the innocent Kurdish parliamentarians, human rights lawyers, Kurdish mayors and civil society leaders imprisoned for over two years; allow an independent investigation into the recently discovered mass graves; and sit down with the PKK and the Kurdish politicians to end his own war through peaceful dialogue? Of course, there can be no entry to the EU until Turkey conforms to international human rights and humanitarian laws and gives the Kurds freedom and justice, but perhaps his new role may help to deliver justice to these oppressed people.

Margaret Owen
Human Rights Lawyer


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