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>Israel and the Kurds in Turkey.


By Tom Ifrach

The Israeli security industries export weapons for Turkey which has been used against the Kurds, as usual economic deliberations win Human-Rights.

“Why I have never heard an Israeli leader expressing solidarity with the Kurds in Turkey?”, I am often asked by a Kurdish friend citizen of Turkey, virtually, I gather within myself, emotion of inconveniences wrapping me up and you instantly will know why.

On the face of it, Turkey has a very honorable image by many Jews, and how not? The Ottoman Turks saved the Jewish community of Spain from the Christian inquisitors and Jews had been treated well under Ottoman rule. Moreover, many Jews during the holocaust were saved as a result of resourcefulness and courage of Turks and Turkey was the first Muslim country to recognize Israel, 1949.

The modern republic of Turkey was founded in 1923 by the general Mustafa Kamal Ataturk. The Turkish Constitution explicitly determines that in Turkey only one ethnic group exists, therefore the Turkish state had been branding the Kurdish minority as “Mountain Turks”.

Be marked, Kurds are the largest ethnic group in the world (40 million) without independence state, they spread mostly in Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey. The staus-quo of Kurds in every country of the mentioned above is badly and the regimes have been suppressing them uncompromisingly.

In January 2010, the European Court for Human-Rights tagged Turkey as the Queen of Human-Rights violations (lowest record) within 47 countries signed on the European convention on Human Rights [1]. The Turkish state record on Human-Rights is one of the main reasons preventing Turkey to join the EU. Nevertheless, Turkey continues to execute vain arrests even minors suspecting in terrorist activity.

Furthermore, Kurds have been banned learning the Kurdish language in schools throughout Turkey. Leila Zana, ex Kurdish PM in Turkey spent 10 years in jail because she had spoken Kurdish at the Parliament!, indeed the incumbent prime minister of Turkey, Erdogan, carried out few reforms on behalf of Kurdish Rights, still real equality hasn’t come yet.

Equal Rights?, that’s a cultural genocide par excellence, but why should it be interesting Israelis as long as the mutual relations still serve both countries?

Given the bleak situation of Kurds in Turkey, PKK [2] party was formed by Abdallah Ocalan in 1978 for achieving independence for the Kurdish minority. The PKK is classified as a terrorist group by Israel, US and EU. To date the bloody conflict has taken over 40,000 lives, however “someone” earns from it.

Israel sells weapons to Turkey making huge profits [3], taking part in building the Turkish security forces. I don’t dismiss Turkey’s significant magnitude in the region and in the international area, so much the more on the geo-strategic dimension. In addition, I assume Turkish-Israeli cooperation valid concerning common enemies. However what shall we while Turkey has been involved in a national conflict due its racist domestic policy merely?, Does it acceptable for Israel keeping to make huge economic revenues when Turkey has been ruthlessly oppressing and destroying Kurds with Israeli weapon and technology? , I disagree.

Itay Angel, channel 2 Israeli foreign correspondent [3], recently interviewed the current leader of the PKK, Murat Karayilan, the most wanted man in Turkey. Karaylian had expressed his disappointment from the Israeli Turkish tight military coordination: How you Jews who were passing through holocaust and unstoppable persecutions for so many years have been aiding Turkey which joins to our common enemies and hurts the Kurdish struggle for freedom?

In the same interview, Karaylian reminded that Ocalan Peace Plan [4] is based on democratic solution and Kurds have no ambition to destroy the Turkish majority (my addition). I strongly oppose to murdering Turkish civilians by the PKK under every circumstances, and I support Turkish security authorities to foil, but in the same breath, if I were a Kurdish citizen in Turkey without future or hope, I guess I might have joining to the PKK.

Turkey has been jailing Ocalan since 1999 , Ocalan is a very popular leader among the Kurdish population in Turkey [5]. It demands Ocalan to be released within the framework of the negotiation but Turkey firmly rejects it out of hand.

In other words, according to the Turkish Ego enemies should be engaged even if it may end the blood bath. Hence, the Israeli Hawkish Right and the Turkish government are Siamese Twins deluding themselves in “solution through strength”, thus we shall continue to cement the “security” perception without getting into the body of the matter.

For Proper Disclosure, the issue stirred my attention firstly in the aftermath of Erdogan virulent rhetoric towards the Israeli president at Davos Conference, shortly afterwards the operation cast lead. Erdogan is entitled and must criticize Israel, however his reaction was a deliberate demonization [6], Gaza worse than Darfur, 2 days later he had hosted the Sudanese president, Omar Al-Bashir who had been “given” international arrest warrant by the international court in Hague for the genocide in Darfur.


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ישראל והכורדים הטורקים


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