Posted by: hevallo | April 4, 2011

>Abdullah Ocalan, born in Amara village, 4th April, 1949!


Abdullah Ocalan was born in a village called Amara (Turkish, Omerli) in Urfa, NW Kurdistan (SE Turkey).

With the birth of the modern Turkish state in 1923 (Treaty of Lausanne) the Kurds were denied the nation they had been promised in the Treaty of Sevre of a few years earlier.
So instead of a nation the Kurdish people were subjected to the most despicable genocidal attempt to eradicate their identity including culture, language and history.
These days one cannot even imagine some of the most horrific repression suffered by the Kurdish people during these times The true extent is still to be revealed. A physical attempt to annihilate a people by the most horrendous atrocities carried out by the Turkish state in a policy that was designed to annihilate Kurdish culture and identity. Ismet Inonu (below) said to the Turkish Congress May 1925,

“We are frankly Nationalist……..and Nationalism is our only factor of cohesion. Before the Turkish majority other elements have no kind of influence. At any price, we must turkify the inhabitants of our land, and we will annihilate those who oppose Turks or ‘le turquisme.”

Looking chillingly like Adolf Hitler!

It was a fascist mentality of racial superiority of the Turks over the Kurds and the Kurds must be annihilated.

It is within this context and deep into the policy of forced assimilation, that a meeting took place, in Nov 1978, in a village not far from Diyarbakir, called Fis.

A historic meeting that took place in a small tea shop over a period of a couple to days to establish a Kurdish party that would attempt a mammoth task. A fight back against this policy of annihilation or genocide of the Kuridsh people.

For two years previously, the small group of people who met in that tea room on the 25th, 26th and 27th of November 1978 had been preparing the groundwork for the establishment of this party.

Not a party that could enter politics in the conventional sense as it would mean certain imprisonment, torture and death. No, this was a party that had concluded that the only way to tackle the murderous policy of ‘Turkification and forced assimilation of the Kurds was by an political armed struggle.

And so, on the 27th Nov 1978, the PKK was officially established in Fis village by Abdullah Ocalan and others.

It was Abdullah Ocalan who was the leader of this new party and it was his drive, leadership and determination that built it from a small group of around 7 men in a tea shop to a national liberation organisation that enjoys the mass and popular support of the Kurdish people in Turkey.

It has been Abdullah Ocalan who has brought the Kurdish people from almost certain annihilation to a renaissance in the Kurdish identity, culture and language.

That road from repression to freedom has been profound and difficult but the Kurdish people have travelled it with amazing dignity and determination. Despite all of the psychological warfare, dirty tricks and dishonourble behaviour on the Turkish side, the Kurdish people have emerged from the Turkish state’s attempt to eradicate them and their culture with pride, honour and a determination for justice!

There can be no freedom without the freedom of Abdullah Ocalan!

It has only been recent years that people have been able to travel to Amara to pay respect to Apo’s place of birth and this has also involved great sacrifice.

Only last year two young men were killed by Turkish security forces as they attempted to get to the village. Turkish soldiers battled with unarmed protesters!

The Kurdish people love their leader, Abdullah Ocalan!

This year, reports are coming through that tens of thousands of people are making their way to Amara, birthplace of their leader Abdullah Ocalan, who has opened the road for freedom for the Kurdish people and now the Kurdish people are demanding freedom for their leader!

It is time for the freedom of Abdullah Ocalan so he is finally able to oversee the negotiated and peaceful settlement of the Kurdish Question in Turkey!


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