Posted by: hevallo | April 6, 2011

>Just A Snapshot of One Typical Day of Turkish Repression of The Kurds in Turkey.


This type of daily news is depressingly typical for the Kurds in Turkey.

Three Kurds detained in Izmir, two near Van. Dicle News Agency.

Kurdish teenager suffers serious head injury from police brutality. Dicle News.
Kurdish Freedom Fighter buried. Dicle News.
5,000 Kurdish political prisoners go on hunger strike. Dicle News.
Kurdish journalist arrested. Dicle News.
Six Kurds arrested in house raids in Van. Dicle News.
OSCE Reports that Turkey becoming more authoritarian. Dicle News.
That was some of yesterdays news, today’s news is just coming in too.
4 of the 7 Kurdish Freedom Fighters, killed in Hatay are being buried today, with tens of thousands attending the funerals. Police have intervened in Diyarbakir and gassed the mourners! Dicle News.
23 Kurdish activists arrested in Urfa today! Dicle News.
Meanwhile in Gever, Hakkari, the ‘Democratic Autonomy’ tent established for the Civil Disobedience Campaign is thriving! Yuksekova Haber.
And so it goes on and on and on and on day after day after day!

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