Posted by: hevallo | April 8, 2011

>Kurdish Friday Prayers Without Turkish State’s Army of Imams!

>Today, Kurds in Diyarbakir, (above) in Cizre and many other Kurdish cities pray out in the open in an act of Civil Disobedience protesting against the imposition of State Imams on Mosques in Kurdish areas where they are forced to pray in Turkish.

AKP has been exposed by the book written by Ahmet Sik, ‘Army of Immams’ as having integral links to Turkey’s ‘Deep State’. Readers of Hevallo will know that Hevallo has always made that link. BDP now offer the only hope of democratic change in Turkey.
Yüksekova'da 'sivil' cuma namazı – YÜKSEKOVA HABER erkancapraz
In Hakkari they even braved the rain to pray in Kurdish!



  1. >My friend pointed out praying is in arabic in Islam – does it mean the sermon is in Kurdish rather than prayers?

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