Posted by: hevallo | April 11, 2011

>Abdullah Ocalan: "This is Turkey’s Last Chance!"

Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan says that the period until the general elections is the last chance for Turkish government to find a democratic and peaceful solution for the Kurdish Question.

Speaking to his lawyers in Imralı High Security Prison Ocalan warned Turkish government if the efforts for peace will fail an intense conflict will start between PKK and the Turkish army and many lives will be lost.

Ocalan made an appeal to Turkish people and said that he is currently in dialogue with the Turkish state and his efforts are for a democratic constitutional solution for the Kurdish Question.

He repeated that if they reach an agreement the violence will stop and unity of the country will be preserved. “If we fail to find a democratic solution everybody will lose. Turkish people have to see this danger and play its historic role” he said. Ocalan labelled the negotiations as a “last chance” and called Turkish government to take trust building steps. Ocalan also sent a message to the Kurdish guerrillas and said that they have to position themselves according to self-defence principle. He reminded the recent loss of 7 guerrillas in Hatay and called the PKK to protect guerrilla forces by positioning them in safe places. The Kurdish leader called Kurds to organize themselves in every aspect of social life and prepare for the general elections. Ocalan commemorated prominent BDP politician Vakkas Dalkilic who lost his life after suffering an heart attack in Suruc district of Urfa. Speaking about Kurds in Syria, Ocalan said the Kurdish minority shoud organize for self governance in frame of democratic autonomy.

He voiced support for reforms of Syrian government saying that “We will support if they put democratic reforms forward”.ANF

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