Posted by: hevallo | April 17, 2011

>Criminalising The Kurdish People’s Legitimate Demands for Freedom Is a War Crime!

By Hevallo

Turkey banned 12 people from the BDP’s Independent candidates from standing in the next Turkish election! Update: Most were reinstated after 3 days of rage in every Kurdish inhabited city and town.

This banning is totally in line with the repressive measures that have increased against the Kurds since Newroz!

Not a day passes without more Kurdish activists being dragged into Turkish jails on any charge someone can think up! Thousands have now been incarcerated without trial!

Recent excuses have been holding a placard, attending a press conference and even one poor student got 10 months in prison for dancing halay! All charged with ‘supporting a terrorist organisation’!

In the last few weeks there are now hundreds of people, whose only crime is to campaign for Kurdish rights locked up, dragged from their houses and families and incarcerated with tens of thousands of others who have been imprisoned for the same reason!

Millions of Kurdish people give their popular support to this ‘terrorist’ organisation’.

Tens of thousands of Kurds have given their lives for this ‘terrorist’ organisation’, the PKK!

The evidence of this popular support is seen over and over again and most famously when a group of Kurdish Freedom Fighters of the PKK crossed over the Habur Gate in a ‘Peace Group’ that was welcomed by millions of Kurdish people in many cities!

For years the Turkish State has refused to recognise the legitimacy of the Kurdish people’s struggle for rights and justice against a fascistic policy of race supremacy and cultural genocide!

By continuing to ‘criminalise’ the Kurds the Turkish state attempts to justify it’s barbaric repression of ordinary people’s legitimate demands for basic freedoms and rights!

The PKK are the Freedom Fighters of the Kurdish people in Turkey! So millions of people are ‘criminalised’ on this basis!

Follow this fascistic logic and the state will have to build much bigger prisons if it is to implement it’s policy properly! Or as during the nineties a systematic policy of destruction of Kurdish towns, cities, villages and hamlets! Millions of people will have to be eradicated!

But this has already been tried by the Turkish State and has failed miserably from their point of view! The Kurdish struggle has already halted Turkey’s stated aim of forced assimilation of the the Kurds in Turkey and given the Kurdish people back their, culture, language and pride!

This policy of criminalisation is a war crime in my view! Just as racism was used to justify the mass genocide of African people during the Slave Trade so ‘Criminalisation’ is used against the Kurds!

Western Governments are also guilty of acquiescing in the genocidal crimes of the Turkish state and should give up this policy that has evidently failed!

Now that Turkey has banned 12 chosen candidates of the BDP from even taking part in the next Turkish election the game has changed dramatically!

Turkey is no longer even the democracy it pretended to be!

If Western powers continue to be silent there is no telling what Turkey would consider next!


Europe should take the lead and now legitimise and recognise the Kurdish people’s Freedom Movement by unbanning the PKK and urging Turkey to end it’s failed policy of criminalising the Kurds and begin negotiations for a peaceful and political solution!

The alternative at this point in time is the same as the IRA did in it’s armed struggle against the English! It brought the war that was being fought against it to the streets of England!

The leadership of the Kurdish Freedom Movement have stated that unless the Kurdish issue is seen as a political problem and solved with a political process then the Kurdish Struggle will move to the streets of Western Turkish Cities that have been relatively unaffected thus far!

This would be a dramatic change in tactics but as Turkey continues to drag innocent people to jail and baton and gas people on the streets who are raising political demands and to ban Kurdish political candidates, then it is the responsibility of the state to accept the consequences!

Stop criminalising the Kurds and recognise the Kurdish peoples demands for basic rights and freedoms as a political issue and begin negotiations for a political solution!


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