Posted by: hevallo | April 19, 2011

>Plans Have Been Made to Drag Turkey into War!

>Commenting on the YSK’s decision and the KCK case, BDP former Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtas said the followings; “The decisions we have recently faced with show that we are facing a very difficult time.

Some people are trying to drag Turkey into a war step by step. We do not concretely know when, where and by whom these plans were made but we have no doubt that these plans were made”. Demirtas called all party candidates in the region to resign and not to participate in the elections.

Demirtas continued as follows; “The unlawfulness and injustices we Kurdish politicians face in all areas also continue at courts and in the judicial process. One of the bitterest injustices we confront in politics, bureaucracy, public squares, streets, fields, schools, hospitals proceeds at the court as well.

The detention of Kurdish politicians continues as they are not allowed to express and defend themselves in their mother-tongue. On top of that, the court has off its own bat splintered the file where hundreds of our companions are tried. 5-6 people will be brought to court and judged every day, which means the trial will extend to months and years. In this aspect, it is quite clear and obvious that the court acts politically, not legally.

The trial has become meaningless.

The court building is now performing an inoperative action. They execute the defendants at the court, not try them. The court’s sign must be changed as a prison because it has become a place of execution. No one can talk about justice, equality and law any more.

In concurrence with foreign connections, some people from Ankara are intending to drag Turkey into a war step by step”.

Thousands of people joined the protest against exclusion of BDP supported candidates from the elections of 12 June. The police attacked the crowd. Many MP and candidates addressed the crowd. Below are some comments as reported by Bianet website.

Ufuk Uras:While saying that there is not a Kurdish question, Prime Minister Erdogan displayed how he resolved the problem with destruction, denial, election threshold, court and veto. This is a great outrage. Let us see if you can!”

Sebahat Tuncel: Kurdish and Turkish people are decisive in the peace discourse. Those who wanted a conflict between Kurds and Turks have not succeeded for so many years. Are the Kurds or is the status quo follower AKP undesirous of peace? With the KCK case and the veto decision, they want to drag Turkey into chaos.
The parliament is not the only place to do politics. Whatever it may cost, we will keep our struggle for freedom on streets”.

Levent Tüzel: People must together protest against the veto decision. It must be decided by everyone whether to develop the freedom rights of the Turkish and Kurdish peoples or to fall into a war and violence environment. We believe that we are going to protect the equal and dignified life despite all political conspiracies”.

Sırrı Süreyya Onder: We shall not drop the flag of peace.Calling Kurds to do legal politics for years, the state increased its cruelty and violence when Kurds began a legal politics.If the Kurds are not represented in the parliament, neither the council nor the government nor the law will have any legitimacy. But still, we shall not drop the flag of peace.

Mustafa Avcı: The judiciary is not independent. The peace process is being provoked. The government shall either speak if it has a peace project or stop speaking. Source KurdishInfo


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