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>Statement of Kurdish Political Leadership to Banning Kurdish Candidates in Turkish Election!

>KCK: Dangerous decision
19 April 2011

AKP will be responsible for the heavy consequences, said KCK

Showing a strong reaction to the veto decision of the YSK (Supreme Election Board), KCK Executive Committee Presidency said the AKP will be responsible for the heavy consequences to be lived.


KCK’s statement is as follows: “The candidature of Labor, Freedom and Democracy Block’s list were vetoed with lame excuses as a political putsch. Besides not being legal, the result is a entirely political dangerous decision centering on dividing the Labor, Freedom and Democracy Block and preventing a group formation in the parliament.


The decision obviously intends to dispose of the alliance and block group that aims to present the Kurdish people and social circles in Turkey who have been expelled since the foundation of the republic, to provide a peaceful- democratic solution for the Kurdish question and to democratize Turkey. This is clearly a disposal attempt and attack on the will of powers asking for peace and democracy. The decision, which was developed under the responsibility of the Turkish state and the AKP government, intends to hinder the will of the Kurdish people and democratic forces.


Having expelled the Kurdish people since the foundation of the Republic and penalized them by excluding from the parliament with the March 1994 coup, the Turkish state is now putting a variety of tactics and intrigues into action with a colonist mentality.

With the intention of establishing a ground to block the reflection of the Kurdish people’s will to the parliament, the AKP government arrested more than 2000 Kurdish politicians without any concrete and tangible evidences through political genocide operations which were launched to weaken the political will of the Kurdish people and to disperse the mass power. However, the freedom movement did not lessen and on the contrary grew with the persistence of the people of Kurdistan on their political will against all pressure, violence and special war methods. Scared with the situation, the AKP government maintained the ten percent election threshold and used all kinds of methods for a political and concrete blockade.


Despite all these, the Kurdish politics insisted on legal and democratic policy on the basis of Leader Apo’s peaceful attitude and made self-sacrifices for the discussion and solution of the problem in the parliament. The Turkish state and the AKP government on the other hand did not recognize the will of the Kurdish people and tried all kinds of unlawful ways to suppress this will. The decision of the YSK, in the same way, aims to oppress the will of Kurds. This is the attitude of making a war against our people and getting a result through war, not developing peace.


If this is not the case, and if the AKP government claims that this process has developed out of their initiative, it is known very well that they have the initiative to fix this situation. It is also obvious that the problem can be resolved through legal ways in a shortest time and the decision can be cancelled if Prime Minister Erdogan wants to. Now that Kurdish legal institutions made the necessary calls to the AKP in this regard, the serious results to be lived will belong to the AKP unless it responds to calls and take steps in the direction of the decision’s cancellation. Remaining silent against this great injustice, illegality and cruelty on the Kurdish people and democratic forces and participating in the elections will definitely have no meaning.


It is the duty of each honorable patriot and democrat to give a struggle and not to remain silent against these implementations of the Turkish state and the AKP government. Our people and democracy forces must reach the rightest decision by discussing on all options including to withdraw from the elections. It will be of capital importance and a basic task for the forces of the labor, freedom and democracy block to reach a common decision with all the patriotic democracy forces out of this block. All democracy forces need to act commonly against the unfair practices of the Turkish state and the AKP government.


It is the most basic task of being patriot and democrat to resist and fight against a mentality which insists on scenarios under the KCK case and says that “There is not a Kurdish problem.

We are calling the peace and democracy defender Kurdistan forces, the democracy powers in Turkey and our patriotic people to show their democratic reactions to the fascistic implementations and to give a common struggle for the recall of this decision.

We are calling our people to protect the will for actuality and democratic resistance in all areas, to develop the civil commotions and to protect their will and representatives.

Translation: Berna Ozgencil




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