Posted by: hevallo | April 25, 2011

>Kurdish Detentions in Turkey Spark March of more than 20,000!

KADİR KAYA by erkancapraz

Over the past month over 800 people have been detained, possibly more, dragged into Turkish police cells and tortured. Many are detained without charge while others are charged with ridiculous charges designed to ‘criminalise’ the Kurdish Freedom Movement.

But this morning when Turkish police raided homes and detained 35 people including deputy mayors and the leader of the BDP in Colemerg, (Hakkari) the words spread and within hours people spontaneously came onto the streets and there were over 20,000 people on the streets protesting against the detentions.
This clearly shows that these and all Kurdish detentions are designed to criminalise a movement that has legitimate demands for basic freedoms in Turkey.

Hamit Geylani, (above being treated for gas in the eyes) the new BDP leader spoke to the march that stopped at the border gates and said “Turkey is like one big dungeon for Kurds but even if they jail everyone we will never give up our freedom struggle!”
All Kurdish political prisoners should be freed!

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