Posted by: hevallo | April 29, 2011

>Boycott Tourism to Turkey! An Impassioned Call to Kurdish Social Media and Tourists Looking for Holiday Destinations


I have been involved in Turkish tourism boycotts before! Designing leaflets, distributing and organizing protests outside meetings and leafleting demos! It was quite hard work!

But having discovered Twitter and the new social media I suddenly thought how easy it might be to begin a social media campaign against Turkish tourism especially as Turkey is relentlessly, brutally and brazenly using such raw instruments of repression on a daily basis against the Kurds on the one hand and intensifying their holiday campaign for even more tourists to visit Turkey’s beaches than before!

Tourism in Turkey is used as part of the war against the Kurds! The image of Turkey as a ‘Paradise Preserved’ is beamed across the world and billions of dollars are spent with top PR firms with the job of projecting Turkey’s image to a worldwide audience! One of the sicker ideas from a PR company has been to focus on and promote children in this year’s Turkish tourism campaigns!

To those of us who watch Turkish police and soldiers daily firing tear gas at young Kurdish children it is of particular distaste! And of course the state airlines and tourism companies raise much needed funds for the war against the Kurds! They need to pay for all that gas!

It is grotesque to those who are witnessing the daily stories of detentions without trial, jailing of journalists, smashing of Peaceful Civil Disobedience protests with violence and hatred, gassing and power hosing with red dyed water and other daily atrocities to think that plane loads of unaware holiday makers are making their way to Bodrum, Antalya and other resorts oblivious to the fact that they are contributing to the state’s bills for tear gas, batons and armaments that are used daily to repress Kurdish civilians in Turkey!

I am sure that if those people knew, firstly that such repression was going on and secondly that they were partly funding it they would be shocked and choose another beach or country to take their well deserved holidays in!

2.6 million holiday makers from the UK alone, visited Turkey last year and this year the Turkish tourism board is aiming for more!

Targetting tourists is a good way of raising awareness of the Kurds plight and at the same time trying to hit Turkey where it hurts, the pocket!

There has not been a serious attempt at a Turkish Tourism Boycott Campaign since the arrival of the Social Media! It could be a success!

If you are reading this and looking for a holiday destination, please watch the below video before booking. Money from the state tourism industry is spent on the suppression of the Kurdish civilian population. Please boycott Turkey and support the struggle for basic human rights in Turkey! Thank you!
Do you want to visit Turkey by MrAzadnews
Spread this far and wide!


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