Posted by: hevallo | May 5, 2011

>Who is Responsible for the Attack on Tayyip Erdogan’s Bus?


If AKP Stop BDP’s ‘Election Bus’ then don’t be surprised if AKP’s is stopped to!

Democratic Road Is Being Closed for The Kurds in Turkey.
As we all wait to see if HPG has claimed responsibility for the attack on AKP’s election convoy let’s reflect on the last month or so.

In the silence of the world’s media the Kurdish people have been subjected to the most horrendous suppression and humiliating racist indignities.

Who is outraged at this? Who will come to their aid?
Over 25 young Kurdish guerillas have been killed in the last 40 days by the Turkish Military who ignored the PKK’s ceasefire and ignores the PKK’s continued ‘self defence’ mode.
The Turkish army actively attack the Qandil Mountains and carry out operations against the guerilla units using F16’s, attack helicopters and the most up to date military technology against young volutneers who fled the repressive atmosphere of being a Kurdish political activist in Turkey.
They pick up weapons as they could see no other choice or road for the Kurdish people’s demands. 25 young people of PKK killed in the last 40 days.
Who is outraged at this? Who will come to their aid?
Hundreds of thousands of Kurdish people have protested peacefully as Tayyip Erdogan says ‘there is no Kurdish Question in Turkey’!
AKP and Tayyip Erdogan has met these peaceful demonstrations with the most brutal suppression and the most anti democratic measures imaginable!
Gas cannister after gas cannister is fired at these peaceful protests and demonstrators are beaten, humiliated and sprayed with high pressurised red dyed water! Young people are beaten! Old people are beaten and humiliated! All Kurdish people are subject to racist abuse and indignities beyond belief! Kurdish children are shot with gas cannisters and where is the news?
Who is outraged at this? Who will come to their aid?
Thousands of Kurdish activists who are trying to work for an election victory for the Kurdish party, BDP have been dragged into prison without reason nor charge. Hundreds have been charged with ridiculous ‘trumped up’ charges when we all know their real crime is TO BE DEMANDING KURDISH RIGHTS! The BDP Election Bus Cannot Drive the Democratic Road!

BDP Candidates are banned from the election and only reinstated after Kurdish people have to on the street for three days in rage! One protester is shot dead!

Tens of Thousands Protest Against 35 BDP Arrested in Hakkari.
Who is outraged at this? Who will come to their aid?
The patience of the Kurdish people is frankly wearing a little thin and the AKP and Tayyip Erdogan have shut down any democratic avenues for the Kurds to express themselves in the democratic process.
So, if HPG do claim the military attack on the AKP’s convoy then the only people that are responsible are the AKP for closing the democratic road for the Kurds and opening the only road left to ‘the mountains’!
We sit on the brink of war in Turkey! And few understand the terrible consequences!

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