Posted by: hevallo | May 6, 2011

>Zaman Newspaper Becomes Voice of Turkish Military Intelligence!

As a campaigner promoting Kurdish rights and challenging the psychological warfare aspects of the Turkish State’s war against the Kurdish people in Turkey, even I was shocked at the brazen and blatant use of psychological warfare misinformation that was used by The Zaman Newspaper in an ‘article’ about the attack on the Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan.

Just one day after the attack and while observers are eagerly watching the pages of the Kurdish News Agency, ANF to read a statement from the political leadership of the Kurdish Freedom Movement, KCK, Zaman Newspaper which is widely seen as the newspaper of the AKP publishes a story with the headline,

‘Reşadiye terrorists behind attack on PM’s police escort’

The article then lays out the ‘plot’ that they have all sorted out in great detail just hours
after the attack itself!
The article claims,

The PKK claimed responsibility for the attack on Thursday.”

They have not!

We are still actually waiting for a statement from the KCK on Friday morning!!

Still, that does not stop the Zaman and they go on to ‘report’ on this

complex scenario including details of how the PKK unit forced

villagers to give them and, here is the bit that insults everyone’s

intelligence, they provide a conversation that allegedly took place

between the PKK guerillas and the villagers. To say that it is a crude

attempt to promote a psyhological warfare message states the obvious.

Here it is:

Terrorist: Give us food.

Villager: I have a loaf of bread with me.

Terrorist: Give it. This is not enough.

Villager: I have nothing else with me.

Terrorist: Bring us more food. We will not attack your village if you do.

Villager: OK, I will bring you more food.

Terrorist: We will burn your village and kill you and your family if you tell the police or gendarmerie about us.

Villager: OK.

Terrorist: Which party will you vote for?

Villager: My elder family members will decide.

Terrorist: You will vote for the BDP, got it?

Villager: OK, I will.

Terrorist: Look at me. We are from Diyarbakır. If you vote for our party

and bring us food, we will not harm you, your family or your village.

Complete and utter garbage and obvious Psycho war misinformation and

should raise serious questions as the objective of such an article.

As Turkey faces increasing tensions in regards the Kurdish Question

in Turkey the media should not be used as a weapon of war psychological


Here is the link to the article itself. While your there have a look at my

comment which amazingly they printed!


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