Posted by: hevallo | May 9, 2011

>Turkish Prime Minister’s Real Fascist Face!


While 100,000’s attended funerals for Kurdish Guerilla Fighters of HPG and millions took part in BDP’s Civil Disobedience Campaign, Turkish Prime Minister said these words during a speech in Osmaniye. It clearly shows what his attitude is to the Kurdish Freedom Movement.

“We have set out in our white shirts, laying down not our hands or bodies but our lives. We have never bowed to the perfidious assaults of traitors, cowards and villains. Sooner or later, we will find those traitors one by one as well as their motivators or owners, and bring them to account for the blood of our martyrs.

‘Assaults on our party organizations throughout Turkey as well as the Molotov cocktails are not coincidences. Prior to 12th June elections some people are targeting the context of democratic freedom by spreading terror, setting fire to the streets, and shooting the security powers. It is clear that these are carried out to order and are sub-contractors. They are acting in accordance with their contracts. They speak as so-called democrats. This cannot be the basis of rights and liberties. Killing people cannot be considered to be a part of the rights and liberties in this country.”

As is clear, Erdogan is constructing a language based on violence, revenge and retribution so as to stir up the masses. He is pointing to the Kurdish politicians as targets, and legitimating the war against Kurdish national demands.Article:ANF


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