Posted by: hevallo | May 12, 2011

>Why does UK Media Remain Silent over Turkish Brutal Suppression of Kurds?


It is extraordinary even by normal standards of media disinterest.

Considering that 2.6 million Britons went to Turkey on holiday last year it should be a story of interest to a UK audience.

Turkey likes to present itself as a country of ‘paradise preserved’! Many tourists have a fantastic holiday on the holiday resorts of the Mediterian and Agean Coastline where the tourism industry is booming and it is all sea, sun and good time!

But there is another side to Turkey that the UK public have a right to know about too!

A side that if they knew about many would reconsider booking a holiday with such a repressive ‘dark side’!

Firat News Agency and Dicle New Agency have compiled some figures only from reports they have recieved over the last 50 days and ANF reports today that 2506 Kurdish people have been detained in 50 days in Turkey.

Millions of Kurdish people have taken to the streets in a renewed campaign of civil disobedience and challenging the labels and criminalisation of the Turkish Government on their long and painful struggle for civil rights in Turkey.

Many people would like to know why the UK Media are remaining so silent on these critical days in Turkey and would like to try and understand why this is.

Is there a D notice on reporting of the Kurds in Turkey?

Is the Kurdish issue so uncomfortable for the UK media that they do not want or do not know how to discuss it in the pages of their newspapers.

Do journalists find it difficult to present the issue as they are told by the Turkish and UK governments that the PKK are ‘terrorists’ but they are so obviously and evidently not, does this present journalists with dilemas and problems in presenting the issues?

What is it?

As the international community remain silent in the face of mounting and increasing violence against the Kurdish people and their political representatives Turkey takes heart and increases it’s suppression with the confidence that nobody is going to say a thing!

Is this justice? Can any journalist answer these questions?



  1. >When working as a freelance journalist in London during the 90s I became interested in Kurdish issues and visited Diyarbikir on a number of occasions. Extra judicial killings were not uncommon and journalists were regularly imprisoned for writing in support of Kurdish rights. But it was extremely difficult to get editors interested in stories about the dark side of Turkey. Never really understood the reluctance to cover this story.

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