Posted by: hevallo | May 15, 2011

>Civil War warning in Turkey but tourists are not being warned!



UK Foreign Office Issues Warnings of Travel to Turkey as UK Media Remain Silent over build up of tensions in Turkey that could explode after 15th June!

Kurdish leader, Abdullah Ocalan has warned that Turkey could be engulfed in a ‘great war’ after 15th June if the government does not show serious signs of a committment to begin a negotiated settlement of the Kurdish Question in Turkey.

Tourists have already been warned not to visit Turkey by the Kurdish movement, the TAK or Kurdish Freedom Falcons, a militant splinter group of the PKK, which says holiday resorts will now be considered legitimate targets.

Also, the British Foreign Office has said travellers should be alert if they visit Turkey and warned of only essential travel in the South East Turkey.

Turkey received 28.6 million visitors last year, 2.67 million of those were from the UK and over 3 million from Germany.

Turkey is trying to increase those figures this year, this from Hurriyet Newspaper:

“Turkish Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay heralded a 17 percent increase in the number of Tourists visiting the country over the same period in the previous year, during his speech at a banquet organized by Touristic Hotels and Investors Association Turkey, or TUROB, in Istanbul on Thursday.”

“According to TurkStat data handed to me a few hours ago, the increasing number of tourists affected a 28 percent increase in tourism revenue. If we continue this way, we will close the year with more than a 10 percent increase in the overall tourism revenue on average,” he said.

Yet, how many of these potential new tourists or tourists who have already booked their holidays know what is happening at the moment in Turkey?

And how many know of the very real risks of travelling to Turkey this summer as the conflict between the Kurdish Freedom Movement and the Turkish Government looks likely to escalate with reports of military actions being brought to new targets such as in the Western Cities of Turkey and touristic areas.

Certainly the UK media are not telling them as silence continues to dominate the UK media over Turkey’s brutal suppression of the Kurds and the wider critical historical situation that Turkey finds itself in regards the Kurdish Question.



  1. >if we make the tourism weaker in turkya – we we make turkya itself weaker, so its good point.

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