Posted by: hevallo | May 19, 2011

>An Extraordinary Thing Happened on Twitter Today!


#kurtceogreniyorum (I want to learn Kurdish)

On the Turkish National Holiday of Youth and Sports Day in Turkey, a day when Ataturk is remembered what seemed like a Cyber Civil Disobedience erupted onto Twitter. #kurtceogreniyorum or I want to learn Kurdish!

One moment it was not there and the next is was so popular that it was ‘trending’ in Turkey, as you can see above, it was more popular than Kemal Ataturk!

It was started, completely innocently by a tweep called @yilmaz_dilan who lives in Turkey and wanted to learn Kurdish but soon it was buzzing with activity.

It reminded me of when Med TV began and with such excitement!

Now you have an even bigger reason to start a Twitter account and come and join the excitement on #kurtceogreniyorum.

Needless to say there are many nationalist Turks who are outraged at #kurtceogreniyorum and are shockingly racist and vulgar but it is a topic firmly established on twitter that people can use to learn Kurdish and discuss the Kurdish issue with others inside Turkey.

Asked what her reaction was to the popularity of the new topic Dilan said:

“@Hevallo of course! i didn’t think that #kurtceogreniyorum can be TT when i started it.

i just want to share our native language. @Hevallo this trend belong not only to

kurdish people but also to people who want to learn kurdish. thank you…”


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