Posted by: hevallo | May 23, 2011

>Tweet to Break Silence on Kurdish Question in Turkey!


Calling all #TwitterKurds

Calling all Tweeps who would like to take part in a 3 day campaign to help highlight the Kurdish issue in Turkey and support the Kurds Civil Disobedience Campaign by trying to use all possible ways and tactics to raise the Kurdish issue in Turkey with media outlets, journalists, tweeps, blogs etc!

We would like to know if anyone is interested in joining us, EVERY FRIDAY before the Turkish General Election to use twitter to try to break the silence and to think and plan for that day, collectively and discuss what stories we may use, what hashtags, who to target and what strategies to use!
We could use the topic #TwitterKurds as a central base to discuss and organise. Open to everyone who is interested in raising awareness of the Kurdish issue in Turkey, Kurd and non Kurd alike!

Every Friday #May27 #June3 #June10 before the Turkish Election, We Will Break the Silence! #TwitterKurds

You can find us at #TwitterKurds
Atlantic Wire article mentioning #TwitterKurds
Kurdistan Commentary Post on #TwitterKurds
Thank you.
If you are new to Twitter or do not have a Twitter account then please read:


  1. >i never use twitter, but i create account there, what should i do now?

  2. >Kulka please read: Twitter for beginners! I've posted the link above on the bottom of the post for you!

  3. >ok, thank you very much

  4. >Please make your facebook page open for the public. Done under settings or something..Thanks

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