Posted by: hevallo | May 26, 2011

>Introduction to #TwitterKurds Day of Action.

Welcome to #TwitterKurds hrs before Day of Action! Mass Tweeting for Kurdish Rights in Turkey!

The International Media have ignored the Kurdish Question in Turkey for far too long! #TwitterKurds
Silence = aquiescence and Turkey is emboldened by the S I L E N C E of the International Media!
More Kurds are imprisoned, beaten, killed, tortured, BECAUSE of the S I L E N C E of the media. #TwitterKurdswitterKurds is preparing and organising a fightback!
But we must be disciplined, organised, clever, intelligent to get our message over! #TwitterKurds
T O D A Y is the F I R S T time this has been tried! Mass Tweet on Kurdish Question in Turkey! #TwitterKurds
We will learn from T O D A Y and improve our tactics, targets, tweets! #TwitterKurds
For N E X T F R I D A Y! #TwitterKurds
Above everything we need to learn the art of tweeting. Of perfecting the perfect tweet. #TwitterKurds
The perfect tweet must reach the target with the right load! Like a missile! #TwitterKurds
We need to collect the tweet names of people we seek to influence, mainly Foreign Editors of Newspapers and Broadcast Media. #TwitterKurds
Then we need to pursuade, inform, gently push, to highlight the Kurdish issue more! #TwitterKurds
The measure of our success will be the coverage! Our target for today is O N E story in the media! Either broadcast or print! #TwitterKurds
If we can achieve that then we will set our sights higher. But first we need to learn H O W! #TwitterKurds
Now Action! We have contact lists, Facebook pages, suggested tweets and blogs. #TwitterKurds
So you can use our tools or create your own! It’s up to you!
Questions to @hevallo @RuwaydaMustafah @zurdosh @kurdcomment + @xoshink
We have a serious job to do! #TwitterKurds
Anyone who campaigns on the Kurdish issue knows about Provocators or Turkish nationalists. #TwitterKurds.
I’m afraid that time wasters will be considered to be Turkish Provocators. Noone is to let anyone deflect us from our mission. #TwitterKurds

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