Posted by: hevallo | May 30, 2011

>Join the Online Kurdish Revolution at #TwitterKurds!

#TwitterKurds a new topic on Twitter had our first ‘Mass Tweet’ online last Friday and is now firmly established as a ‘campaigning topic’ on Twitter!

After 20 years of campaigning on the Kurdish Question in Turkey it was one of the most exciting ‘events’ I have ever attended and one that has the potential to be an effective tool for campaigning to raise awareness of the Kurdish Question in Turkey in the Western world that has been criminally silent and acquiescing in the psychotic crimes against the Kurds by remaining silent and accepting Turkey’s labels and misinformation regarding the Kurdish struggle for basic rights in Turkey!
Logging in on the Thursday night before the ‘Mass Tweet’ was to begin, (Introduction to #TwitterKurds Mass Tweet) I was amazed to find the ‘hashtag’ already screaming down the screen.
Those of us who had organised the event struggled to ‘catch up’!
Impossible to tell how many took part but I would guestimate, 500 upwards participates from Thursday night to Friday night all tweeting on the Kurdish Question in Turkey! Tweeps were tweeting from Turkey, Kurdistan, Sweden, US, UK, Canada, Germany, Holland, Spain, France, Denmark, Australia, Armenia, Iraq and many other places!
A Worldwide Mass Tweet on The Kurdish Question in Turkey! It was Awesome!
It reportedly, country trended in Turkey and there were reports of it being banned in Turkey!
We had ‘guest visits’ from people such as Mahmoud Othman, a fiercely independent Kurdish MP and other commentators and journalists, and we practised our tweets, trying to perfect the art of tweeting.
A good tweet includes an address (if sending to a journalist or paper) , a link to interesting article, appropriate hashtags and some description putting the link into context.
TwitterKurds got a mention in Atlantic Wire in an article entitled, When the Revolution Will be Tweeted.
#TwitterKurds has only been in existence for less than a week and is making a BIG IMPACT!
‘Friday Prayers and now FRIDAY TWEETS!
Be part of the online Kurdish revolution!
Join us for our NEXT MASS TWEET this Friday. (and every Friday before the Turkish General Election 12th June.)
WE ASK this Friday that tweeps refine their tweets, focus and concentrate on our mission, to BREAK THE SILENCE on reporting on the Kurdish issue in Turkey!


Please Remember! A Tweet is an opportunity to reach someone of influence. Use it wisely and we will be successful but use it wrongly and it could harm our cause!

The most important thing is not wheter we are ‘topic trending’ or wheter we are ‘banned in Turkey’ or not!

The most critically important thing is wheter we are being successful in encouraging more reporting on the Kurdish issue in Turkey.
We achieved our target of one article in a periodical last Friday and if we can get another mention in another article this week we will be on track in our mission.
Please join our ‘FRIDAY TWEET’ this Friday 3rd June, 2011.

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