Posted by: hevallo | May 31, 2011

>15th June. Kurdish Revolutionary Fighters Preparing for One Year to Unleash War in Turkey if No Solution to Kurdish Question!


The Kurds must be given their place on the ‘new map’ of the Middle East and be recognized by the Turkish authorities, said a senior Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) leader on Saturday.

At the head of the Union of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK), an umbrella for all organizations affiliated with the PKK, Murat Karayilan, told Turkey’s Firat news agency that the wave of public uprisings through the Middle East would alter the political map of the region.

“The Kurds should be given a place on the new map,” Karayilan said.

The KCK leader spoke with optimism about the Freedom and Democracy bloc, a coalition of Kurdish parties in Turkey brought together by the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), and their chances of winning the June 12 general elections.

Karayilan went on to warn of an uprising, dubbed the June 15 Resurrection, for which the “revolutionary fighters” have been preparing for over a year now, if the Turkish state continues to “deny the Kurds” their rights

The PKK’s three-decade armed struggle for the ethnic rights of Turkey’s 20 million Kurds has cost 40,000 lives to date, mostly civilians.

The outlawed party is listed as a terrorist organization in Turkey, Iran, the UK, and the U.S.

In 2010, the PKK declared several unilateral ceasefires with a view to resolving the Kurdish issue through dialogue with the Turkish state. The declared armistaces however did not deter the Turkish authorities from coducting military operations and incursions against the PKK guerillas.Source.


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