Posted by: hevallo | June 1, 2011

>Join #TwitterKurds This Friday 3rd June for ‘Mass Tweets’ on Kurdish Question in Turkey!


Join The Online Kurdish Revolution at #TwitterKurds!

As a result of the Turkish State ignoring the many basic human rights requests made by the Kurdish people to obtain recognition of their identity and their cultural, political and civil rights, a mass tweeting campaign started on Twitter on Friday, May 27@ #TwitterKurds

The first mass ‘Friday Tweet’ was massively successful!

Join us for online Civil Disobedience and Friday Tweets at #TwitterKurds

With the second mass tweeting Friday (June 3) approaching, Kurds and supporters of Kurdish rights will once again work together to break the media silence and raise awareness about the Kurdish Freedom Struggle in NW Kurdistan (SE Turkey.)

For decades the International media has kept quiet regarding the Kurdish cause, but through the #TwitterKurds campaign people are asked to highlight the Kurdish question on the social networking site Twitter.

For months the Kurdish people have taken part in a series of acts of civil disobedience with 4 baisc demands! The right to education in mother tongue, release of political prisoners, abolishing the 10% for parliamentary elections in Turkey, which has prevented pro-Kurdish parties from entering the parliament and an end to military operations!

Join the Online #TwitterKurds Revolution!

While the Turkish Government continues to ignore these requests, the Kurdish movement is convinced that dialogue and democratic solution is the only sustainable way to move forward. The population has no intention to abandon the initiatives of civil disobedience and will not give up to seek a peaceful solution.

In the same way the #TwitterKurds campaign aims to spread awareness about the Kurdish issue through dialogue.

By targeting media outlets, journalists, politicians and human rights activists, we hope to give Kurds in Turkey a voice!

Every Friday (June 3, June 10) before the Turkish elections on June 12 we will break the silence and plead everyone to join us and to follow the campaign on Twitter by using the hashtag #TwitterKurds.

Kurdish children are kept for months in jail; thousands of Kurdish political and human rights activists face torture in prison.

We all need to speak out and this brutality needs to come to an end!

Through the #TwitterKurds campaign the Kurds’ struggle for political equality, ethnic recognition and linguistic freedom in Turkey will not go unnoticed in the mainstream press any longer.

Through #TwitterKurds everyone can share their story and voice their opinion.

JOIN US for ‘Friday Tweets’ 3rd June at #TwitterKurds!

One Voice, Together We Are Stronger!



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