Posted by: hevallo | June 3, 2011

>TwitterKurds Last Mass Turkish Election Tweet on Friday 10th June @ #TwitterKurds!


#TwitterKurds will be holding our last and final mass Tweet on the Kurdish Question in Turkey next Friday 10th June 2011.
It will be 2 days before the Turkish General Election! Please could everyone help to organise for this last event that could be awesome.
So far, on day one #TwitterKurds had over 500 people upwards tweeting on the Kurdish Question in Turkey and day two because we did not manage to get adverts translated we had 70. But those 70 were quality tweeters!
Our last event has the potential to be awesome but needs people to organise for it!
Turkish Election Friday Mass Tweets on The Kurdish Question in Turkey!
Friday 10th June 2011 @ #TwitterKurds on Twitter.
Please share, tweet, translate, facebook, email, blog, publish, telephone, snailmail, tell, write and communicate this event through your networks, contact lists and communities!
You can contact me at or @Hevallo on Twitter
Thank you!


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