>#TwitterKurds takes the civil disobedience campaign online

The Kurd as ‘terrorist’ is an all too common theme in the Turkish press and often in European press as well. Little effort is made to reach beyond the Turkish propaganda machine and clichés to reveal the truth.

The #TwitterKurds campaign will attempt to do just that by reaching out to journalists, politicians, bloggers and social media activists, policymakers, news agencies and human rights organisations with the message: ‘Speak Out About the Repression of the Kurds in Turkey’ and to give the Kurdish people a voice as they struggle daily on the streets of Turkey against a repressive regime.

Kurdish politician and leader of the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), Selahattin Demirtaş, said acts of civil disobedience planned by the BDP and the DTK (Democratic Society Congress) will be democratic and peaceful. ‘Don’t send the security forces against us; if you are going to send someone, send government representatives, send the interior minister. Security forces aren’t our counterpart to talk to; our counterparts are the politicians,’ he said.

However, security forces have been sent against them. The civil disobedience campaign has been met with batons, tear gas and high-pressure water cannons. In fact, just since the beginning of this year Turkish police have already used up their entire annual stock of tear gas in repressing demonstrations. In the same amount of time thousands of Kurdish protesters have been arrested.

Given the difficulties of getting this information to the attention of the global press, #TwitterKurds plans three days of mass Tweeting to get the message out. Turkey’s general election is slated for 12 June, just three weeks away. Over the next three Fridays (27 May, 03 and 10 June) in the run up to the elections, while Kurds are boycotting the official Turkish Imams and praying outside of the mosques instead, Kurds and friends of Kurds will be Tweeting en masse to speak out with one voice against the suppression of the Kurds in Turkey.

This collective suppression of the Kurdish population is due, in part, to ‘the silence in the international community,’ says Hevallo. By Tweeting, he says, ‘we are able to reach a wider audience than say, Facebook. If we are disciplined and smart about this, a well-constructed Tweet with a link to a well-written article, photograph or video can convey our message and give the Kurdish side’s point of view. Our Tweets will expose the truth about the Kurdish question in Turkey.’

Politicians are making the rounds in Kurdish areas of SE Turkey trying to garner votes. Yesterday Turkish PM Erdoğan was on the campaign trail in the city of Şirnex (Şırnak in Turkish). Surrounded by rooftop snipers and army helicopters he announced to the crowd of Kurds: ‘My brothers, we will build new hospitals, airports, schools and health clinics. For us [the party in power], there is no separation between a Turk and a Kurd. Let us serve you.’

Kurds have four demands and hospitals, airports, schools and health clinics are not among them, though this is a step up from the washing machines and dishwashersoffered in the 2009 election.

Kurds are engaging in a massive campaign of civil disobedience for the right to education in Kurdish, the immediate release of imprisoned Kurdish politicians, an end to Turkey’s military operations against the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) and the abolishment of Turkey’s 10 percent election threshold law for parliamentary representation.

‘Until our demands are heard by the government and until concrete steps are taken, we will remain on the fields and on the squares,’ said Demirtaş.

#TwitterKurds says that until Kurdish voices are heard by the international media and until people start paying attention, the campaign will remain on the Twitter timelines.

Join the campaign at #TwitterKurds!

Original article at Kurdistan Commentary


List of people to send tweets.


Jon Snow, Channel4= @jonsnowC4
Charlie English, Foreign Editor The Guardian=@CharlieEnglish1
Archie Bland, Foreign Editor, The Independent= @archiebland
Lyse Doucet, BBC Foreign Correspondent= @bbclysedoucet
Jonathan Rugman, Channel 4 Foreign Correspondent= @jrug
Harriet Alexander, Foreign News, Sunday Telegraph=@h_alexander
Kevin Maguire. Associate Editor Daily Mirror @Kevin_Maguire
Nigel Thompson Daily Mirror’s Travel Editor @MirrorTravel
Gideon Rachman Chief Foreign Affairs Financial Times= @gideonrachman
Laura Rozen, Senior Foreign Reporter Yahoo News= @lrozen
UK Prime Minister’s Office= @Number10gov
World Section of The Independent= @IndyWorld
Paris Hilton, Philanthropist and Socialite= @ParisHilton
Democracy Now! News in USA=@democracynow
Dalai Lama=@DalaiLama
Hala Gorani, CNN Foreign Editor= @HalaGorani
Jill Doherty, CNN Foreign Correspondent= @cnnjill
Nick Robertson, CNN International Journo=@NicRobertsonCNN
Kim Murphy LA Times=@kimmurphy
Dan Murphy, Christian Science Monitor Journo=@bungdan
Gen Sec of NATO=@AndersFoghR
David Lammy MP Kurdish constiuency.=@DavidLammy
UK Foreign Affairs Sec of State William Hauge=@WilliamJHague
Hoda Abdel Hamid, Al Jazeera English =@HodaAbdelHamid
Anita McNaught Al Jazeera English=@anitamcnaught
Mohamed NanabhayHead of online Al Jazeera English= @mohamed
Al Jazeera English= @AJEnglish

The International Media is silent on The Kurdish Question in Turkey!

#TwitterKurds a new topic group online at Twitter are preparing for Friday Tweets!

When Kurdish people will be taking part in Friday Prayers outside of the Mosque and boycotting the official Turkish Immams, Kurds and Friends of Kurds will be Tweeting en Masse to speak out and with one voice against the suppression of the Kurds in Turkey and to try to break the silence of the international media!
#TwitterKurds will be trying to reach Journalists, Politicians, Bloggers and Social Media Activists, News Agencies and Human Rights Activists with the same message to Speak Out About the Repression of the Kurds in Turkey and to give the Kurdish people a voice as they struggle daily on the streets of Turkey against a repressive regime that responds to peaceful protest with batons, tear gas and high pressurised water cannon!
Join us at #TwitterKurds as we attempt the world’s first mass Tweet on The Kurdish Question in Turkey!
Messages we will be conveying on Friday include:
The Kurdish People are struggling for Peace and Justice for all people in Turkey, Kurds, Turks, Armenians, Laz, etc!
The Time is critical as Erdogan ignores the Peace messages of the Kurdish Freedom Movement!
The level of repression against the Kurds during the last 2 months and the killing of young Kurdish Freedom Fighters.
The need to speak out against Turkey’s suppression as silence only encourages Turkey to use more repression against the Kurds.
The hypocrisy of Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan as he presents himself as Middle Eastern ‘Peace maker’ as he gasses and suppresses the Kurds in Turkey!
JOIN US AT #TwitterKurds and Speak Out!


Calling all #TwitterKurds

Calling all Tweeps who would like to take part in a 3 day campaign to help highlight the Kurdish issue in Turkey and support the Kurds Civil Disobedience Campaign by trying to use all possible ways and tactics to raise the Kurdish issue in Turkey with media outlets, journalists, tweeps, blogs etc!

We would like to know if anyone is interested in joining us, EVERY FRIDAY before the Turkish General Election to use twitter to try to break the silence and to think and plan for that day, collectively and discuss what stories we may use, what hashtags, who to target and what strategies to use!
We could use the topic #TwitterKurds as a central base to discuss and organise. Open to everyone who is interested in raising awareness of the Kurdish issue in Turkey, Kurd and non Kurd alike!

Every Friday #May27 #June3 #June10 before the Turkish Election, We Will Break the Silence! #TwitterKurds

You can find us at #TwitterKurds
Atlantic Wire article mentioning #TwitterKurds
Kurdistan Commentary Post on #TwitterKurds
Thank you.
If you are new to Twitter or do not have a Twitter account then please read:


“Fatih University survey: 97% of #Kurds surveyed said they are for an independent Kurdish state, while 92% of #Turks are against it. #turkey”

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>An Extraordinary Thing Happened on Twitter Today!


#kurtceogreniyorum (I want to learn Kurdish)

On the Turkish National Holiday of Youth and Sports Day in Turkey, a day when Ataturk is remembered what seemed like a Cyber Civil Disobedience erupted onto Twitter. #kurtceogreniyorum or I want to learn Kurdish!

One moment it was not there and the next is was so popular that it was ‘trending’ in Turkey, as you can see above, it was more popular than Kemal Ataturk!

It was started, completely innocently by a tweep called @yilmaz_dilan who lives in Turkey and wanted to learn Kurdish but soon it was buzzing with activity.

It reminded me of when Med TV began and with such excitement!

Now you have an even bigger reason to start a Twitter account and come and join the excitement on #kurtceogreniyorum.

Needless to say there are many nationalist Turks who are outraged at #kurtceogreniyorum and are shockingly racist and vulgar but it is a topic firmly established on twitter that people can use to learn Kurdish and discuss the Kurdish issue with others inside Turkey.

Asked what her reaction was to the popularity of the new topic Dilan said:

“@Hevallo of course! i didn’t think that #kurtceogreniyorum can be TT when i started it.

i just want to share our native language. @Hevallo this trend belong not only to

kurdish people but also to people who want to learn kurdish. thank you…”

Posted by: hevallo | May 18, 2011

>Book Launch of Abdullah Ocalan’s Prison Writings!


Transmedia Publishing Ltd. & Pluto Press
in association with Peace in Kurdistan Campaign

Book Launch

Thursday 2 June 2011, 6.30pm
at Garden Court Chambers


Speakers include

Gareth Peirce, human rights lawyer

Klaus Happel the political editor and director of Transmedia Publishing and the translator of Ocalan’s new book

John Tobisch-Haupt freelance translator and political consultant; a spokeperson of the International Initiative “Freedom for Ocalan – Peace in Kurdistan” which promotes a peaceful and democratic solution of the Kurdish question in Turkey

Nawroz Oramari Kurdish poet, singer/songwriter

Abdullah Ocalan, leader and founder of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), was kidnapped and arrested in 1999. He is now serving a life sentence in a Turkish prison on the island of Imrali off the coast of Istanbul.

In his second volume of prison writings Mr. Ocalan applies the political and historical philosophy that was developed in the first volume of his PRISON WRITINGS: THE ROOTS OF CIVILISATION (PlutoPress) to the Kurdish question. It addresses the concrete political issues which are central to the resolution of the issue in the contemporary context.

He also calls for a “Renaissance of the Middle East” that can result in the integration of democratic values and universal human rights with the cultural values of Middle Eastern societies.

Ocalan is a highly articulate spokesman for his people and credited as the author of some 40 books, most of which have never been translated into English. The latest volume is a timely contribution to the future of the Middle East which is currently undergoing an unprecedented
popular revolt and social transformation.

‘Abdullah Ocalan has written an extremely important book which everyone concerned with the politics of the Middle East, the Kurdish question, ancient history or socialist ideas should read and digest.’
Stan Newens, former MP and MEP, United Kingdom; review in the Spokesman Journal.’

‘It can be read with profit by anyone who seeks to forge a modern secular future of peace and progress for the Middle East built upon the best offered by previous world civilizations.’
Michael M. Gunther, Professor of political science, Tennessee Technological University, USA; review in ‘Middle East Policy’

PRISON WRITINGS: THE PKK AND THE KURDISH QUESTION IN THE 21ST CENTURY is distributed by Pluto Press in the UK and Palgrave Macmillan in the U.S. and Canada.

It is presently available from Pluto’s website, from Amazon.co.uk, WHSmith.co.uk and many more in Europe and North America.

Refreshments will be available!


For more information or to RSVP for this event contact

Peace in Kurdistan Campaign: estella24@tiscali.co.uk Tel 020 7586 5892
Pluto Press: events@plutobooks.com Tel 0208 348 2724
Transmedia Publishing Ltd:
Klaus Happel kh@transmedia-publishing.co.uk

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>Sehid Namerin!


They all gave their lives for Kurdish Freedom. Without their sacrifice there would be no ‘Kurdish Question’ today in Turkey! There would be no Kurdish identity in Turkey! They gave honour back to Kurdish People and fought the most brutal enemy in the world in the pursuit of peace and justice!

Remember them! They were the bravest of us all!

They made the ultimate sacrifice!

Sehid Namerin!


A day that will go down in the history of the struggle of the Kurdish people for their freedom as epic. Which says a lot as the Kurdish Freedom Struggle is an epic struggle of biblical proportions in itself!

A day after the Palestinians had breached the untouchable borders of Israel, the Kurds threw off any semblance of fear and walked in their thousands for hours, over the border of N. Iraq and into a theatre of war, where the Turkish army were carrying out massive military operations against the Kurdish freedom fighters of the HPG, armed People’s Defense Forces.
All the information is still not clear as events are still continuing but Hevallo believes that hundreds of people had marched and arrived in the area where the Turkish army were continuing military operations with military helicopters buzzing around and scoured the conflict zone for the bodies of Kurdish guerilla fighters that had been left on the battle field.
At some time last night 3 of the fighters bodies were recovered and brought down the mountain on the shoulders of the people who went to get them. On their way back down the mountain they were attacked by Village Guards who rolled large bolders down the hill at them and soldiers who fired live ammunition over their heads and tear gas directly at them. They ignored all of this and instead, carried on with the bodies of the young Kurdish martyrs shouting, “Sehid Namerin!” (Long Live Our Martyrs) and carried to vehicles and brought down the mountains.

The Turkish army eventually stopped the cars and confiscated the bodies after more scuffles and more live shots fired.
I have seen video of a large group of civilians being surrounded by the fully armed soldiers in a threatening manner and the crowd fists in the air shouting, “Biji Serok Apo!” A breathtaking show of resistance and bravery. Many were detained and no doubt will suffer torture.
As this news was being digested around Kurdistan, hundreds of thousands of people came pouring onto the streets and in Istanbul a large crowd burst into Taksim Square to chants of “We are the PKK, the PKK are us!” A defiant slogan that exposes the relationship of the PKK with the Kurdish people.
In Mus, Nusaybin, Dogubazazit, Hakkari, Diyarbakir, Silopi, Silvan, Antep, Siirt, Viransehir, Suruc and including other places, in total, millions of people poured onto the streets in fury and rage against the killing of more young Kurdish men of the HPG. The inevitable battles took place and continue as more gas and water is sprayed on the Kurdish people. But pressure is building up to an intolerable level and Kurdistan is now a powderkeg and the Kurds are nearing the end of their tethers!
A frustration that is boiling over as the Kurds have faced the most brutal treatment at the hands of AKP police and the Turkish army as they, the Kurds, have tried to create the conditions for a peaceful settlement of the Kurdish Question by initiating a Civil Rights Campaign to stimulate and push the politicians to come to the negotiating table and solve, in a peaceful and negotiated way, the Kurdish Question in Turkey!
But the Turkish Army and AKP keep attacking the Kurds on every level.
I think everyone now understands that we are arriving at a crossroads, one signalling a long and protracted war that could polarise Kurds and Turks in Turkey and force people to take sides in a conflict that would destroy Turkey and cost the lives of perhaps hundreds of thousands more. Or the other road pointing to peace and a Turkey that could integrate the Kurds into some sort of federated or autonomous system and live in peace and prosper.
The funerals of these young men are still to take place. God willing, tomorrow!
As of moments ago, 5 corpes (the original number of 12 casualties was wrong) have been taken to Malatya hospital and the body of one of the martyrs was collected by 50,000 in Cizre.
One thing is clear to anyone who had thought the PKK were a small and insignificant group with no support and represented no threat to Turkey. They were wrong.

The PKK are the Freedom Fighters of the Kurdish People!

“The People are the PKK, The PKK are the People!


Today, in Hakkari the Kurdish people buried one of those they brought down the mountain side on their shoulders!

Adem Asken!

Sehid Namerin!

Long Live the Kurdish People’s Struggle for Freedom!

Today another of the Kurdish Freedom Fighters
Buried by the Kurdish people in Mus.

Hanefi Aydın!

PKK are the Kurdish People, the Kurdish People are the PKK!

Sehid Namerin!


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